Printer Driver

Version 2.6.6


WHQL certified for Windows 7 - Windows 11, as well as from Windows Server 2012 R2 - Server 2022, depending on availability for x86 and x64 systems (no ARM).

Supported Valentin printer series:

Compa, Compa II, Compa III, DPM III, DPM IV, DuoPrint, Dynacode, Dynacode IP, Dynacode II, Dynacode II IP, Flexicode, ILX, Micra, Pica, Pica II, SPE, SPE II, Spectra, Spectra II, SPX, SPX II, Vario II, Vario III, Vita, Vita II


Note for server installations:

If no exe files are allowed to run on a server, the installation file can be started on another PC first. The driver package is unpacked and copied to the "C:\Carl Valentin GmbH\Driver 2xx" directory. The actual installation program is started immediately afterwards and can be closed.

The WinDRV subdirectory contained in this package must be copied completely to the server, whereby no file may be changed (time stamp version 2.6.6: 01/03/2023 01:31 or 02:40, 237 elements in WinDRV).

The driver can be installed manually using the INF file.


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