Sustainability at Carl Valentin


Improvement processes - sustainability begins with rethinking

At Carl Valentin, we attach great importance to maintaining a continuous improvement process and questioning our processes at regular intervals with regard to sustainability and efficiency. To this end, we sensitize our specialists to a resource-saving way of working and a healthy basic understanding of the topic of environmental protection right from the start. The switch from paper to electronic information dispatch was therefore an important and unavoidable step for us to express these values. In addition, we consciously invest in modern information and archive systems in order to significantly reduce general paper consumption in all areas of the company and to minimize the production of unnecessary waste.


Suppliers - together for more durability

We build on long-term partnerships with companies that share the same values ​​as we do. For us, sustainability does not begin with the selection of materials or the optimization of processes, but with the choice of our business partners. A healthy environmental awareness, an efficient way of working in the areas of procurement and delivery as well as compliance with and proof of environmentally-oriented standards are decisive for us when selecting our suppliers and dealers. Because only if the entire supply chain moves continuously can a lasting effect for people and nature be achieved in the end.


Material & machines - a new measure of quality

In the field of materials management, we primarily rely on modern technologies with which essential work steps are shortened and important environmental aspects such as waste management are optimized. This increases the efficiency of our machines and reduces the consumption of raw materials to a minimum. We are continuing this chain of sustainability by using certified and controlled produced papers (FSC) and thus making an important contribution to the sustainable use of forests. We also use low migration inks to ensure the safe use of our labels in the food industry and to meet important quality standards.


New plant III - building with sense and understanding

An energy-efficient construction method was out of the question for our new production hall at the Dauchingen site. In addition to a photovoltaic system on the roof, an air heat exchanger for controlled heating and heat recovery from the extraction system in the production hall, various measures were taken to bring the new plant to a solid level of sustainability and energy efficiency. Short transport routes and a structured storage system help us to shorten work processes and relieve important resources such as people and machines. Further projects, such as the installation of a charging station for e-cars, are already being planned.


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