UL certified labels

UL certified labels

To export labels to the United States and Canada, they must meet American and Canadian safety requirements under the UL (Underwriters Laboratories) mark. Products and materials are subjected to strict safety tests and standards in order to meet the approval with regard to specific UL requirements. Strict adherence to the UL criteria is checked by an annual on-site audit by UL in order to ensure permanent safety and quality of the products. We at Carl Valentin are therefore proud to be able to label our products with the UL test mark and to be able to offer you high quality products year after year.


Repackager status
UL-listed raw material loses its UL status as a result of further processing (e.g. through punching, cutting and assembly) and must be resumed via the so-called approved repackager and the labeling on the product with the 'UL recognized component mark'. The repackager proves along the supply chain that it only processed UL listed raw materials. Only companies that are registered as certified UL repackagers retain the UL certification of the raw material even after further processing to the end product. As a certified UL repackager, we are therefore able to offer a large selection of labels with "UL Recognized Component" test marks.
UL certification
The UL approval of Carl Valentin GmbH is registered with UL under the following product category: PGJI 2/8 (Printing Materials Component, 2 corresponds to the USA, 8 stands for Canada). The test results of our listed materials can be viewed in the UL online directory at https://iq2.ulprospector.com after registration with the UL file number MH61146.

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