Thermal labels

Thermal labels

These labels consist of paper with a heat-sensitive or thermosensitive additional layer. Due to selective heating in direct thermal printing, the labels change color automatically, which makes the use of additional ribbons unnecessary. Thermal labels are used in many different areas. Common examples would be checkout systems, fax machines, entrance tickets and parking tickets. The advantages include low-noise and energy-saving production as well as fast printing with low maintenance. However, thermal labels are not designed for long-term use because the printed image fades over time.

Thermal variants

Thermal ECO
The structure of thermal ECO labels consists of several layers on top of each other. In the top layer, the so-called thermal layer, special leuco colors and color developers are processed that react chemically with each other when heat is applied. As a result of this reaction, the thermal paper turns black in the heated areas and leaves the desired print image (e.g. barcodes, text, graphics). For better print quality and resistance to external influences, thermal ECO labels can be provided with additional protective layers (primer / coated on one side or coated on both sides).
Thermal Top
Thermal Top labels consist of a special coating, which enables a higher resistance against weather and UV light compared to the thermal ECO variant. The leuco inks and color developers (chemical layer) are also given an additional layer to extend the shelf life and useful life of the labels. Overall, the sensitivity to scratches and soiling is minimized and fading of the printed image is significantly delayed.

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