Security labels

Security labels

These labels are used especially for security applications such as product seals or the authentication of barcodes and brands. They have good dimensional stability, high tensile and tear strength and bending stiffness. Security labels are also equipped with special protective layers that make the label sticking or sticking around visible and thus prevent multiple use. Visually, these types of labels are most often found in silver (both matt and glossy) and, more rarely, in white.

In addition, simple hazard and safety instructions in the form of pictograms on paper or plastics are also widespread.

Security methods

Void labels
When trying to peel off void labels, a clearly legible 'void' lettering is left. In this way, the label is validated so that it can be identified as already used when it is attached again (void marking shines through).
Checkerboard labels
If you try to peel off checkerboard labels, a visible checkerboard pattern is left. In this way, the label is devalued so that it can be identified as already used if the label is attached again (checkerboard pattern shows through).
Self-destructive labels
This safety method is based on a strongly adhesive PE film with an unstable material structure. When trying to peel off these labels, they crumble or tear into small pieces. Multiple use is therefore impossible and attempts to replace them are immediately visible.

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